Monday, January 17, 2011

What a way to start a trip...

For the record: I'm not a blogger. But I also don't want to force Facebook on anyone, nor do I enjoy long email lists. So the lesser of two has been selected. Enough the point!

I, as some of you may have already figured out, am not in Ireland as I had intended to be right about now. Radio may have killed the video star, but a Visa killed my trip to Kilkeel. I applied for a Visa last Monday and got all my paperwork in today rush order/expedited shipping/the whole shabang and it should arrive in New York tonight. I've also got a ticket for the 24th of January-it's pushing things, I know! But...I've not given up on this thing yet.

While these are the facts, I have to keep preaching to myself more important facts. God is good. He is wise-far wiser than I-and He is merciful. I have no doubt that there is a God-glorifying reason I didn't leave on Friday and it comes down to His love for His name and for me. It's staggering really to think that God, who loves as passionately and fully as He does, never leaves those He loves. He stands to fight for them...even when I feel He's left me standing at the station. So He's fighting battles for me now: doubt, desolation, discouragement, and (breaking with alliteration) fear.

Please join me in praying against these attacks on a struggling sinner with a strong Savior and for this Visa to come through quickly. Everything is for our sanctification-an opportunity for God to take hold of and tear away our old natures that we so fiercely cling to, though the new is here in Christ!

Peace be with you as you dwell in the love of God.

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