Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello from over here

Well. Uh...I made it. The flight was pretty uneventful and even more uncomfortable. I really enjoyed my stewardess and her sassiness. "If you absolutely need to smoke, we have special seating for you: on the wing of the plane where you will get an exclusive performance of Gone With the Wind." I snickered :)

I met my flatmate Becca at the airport and praise God for her! She's easy to talk to and very patient with a bumbling American. I know God is going to do a great thing in our flat.
I had dinner with the Chestnutt's and that was a good thing. I needed to be with folks that I knew in the middle of a whole lot of things I don't know. (and there are more than I thought...I have electric water :)

I'm super tired and having a great time with Sarah and Becca watching Big Fat Gypsy Wedding so I'm not putting everything up now. But God is at work here and I'm seeing it in little things.
Please keep praying for strength and patience as I try to figure out which way is up :)
In the hope of glory both now and in the not so distant future,


  1. I am SO super excited for you, Allie! I pray the Lord will use you greatly over the next few months, and can't wait to hear how He does! I know you and Becca are going to get on famously. Speaking of...you make Becca sound as though she's a sophisticated Northern Irish girl, and not a girl who was a bumbling American herself, not too long ago (of course, she's still American, just not quite as bumbling). Please tell everyone "hello" for me! Much joy!

  2. you are actually pretty good at this blogging thing - not that i am surprised. miss you so much. love, mom